All of our products have been tested and certified according to the European toy norm* and the Dutch Commodities Act. They are CE marked and therefore can be sold to you on the European market. Before sending, each product is tested and measured by hand.

Teething ring

  • Check the ring before and after use for detachable parts, deterioration and scratches (in the wood).
  • When parts start to loosen up, the teething ring should no longer be used.
  • Don’t leave your child alone with the teething ring.
  • Cleaning can simply be done under the tap.
  • The wooden beads and rings are made of untreated beech wood. The silicone beads are a 100 % safe, and completely free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate.

Pacifier clip

  • It isn’t a toy.
  • Check each clip before use.
  • Never put the baby to bed with the pacifier clip still on.
  • Never leave the baby alone with the pacifier clip, always supervise!
  • It’s not designed to bite on.
  • When parts are loosening up the pacifier clip should no longer be used.

What should you check when buying a pacifier clip?

There are safety guidelines where a pacifier clip should comply with. The requirements can be found in * NEN – norm 12586. Nen – norm 12586 describes the safety guidelines and test methods all articles for babies and toddlers – users of pacifiers - have to meet.

Nen -norm 12586 states the following about pacifier clips:

  • A pacifier holder or clip can have a maximum length of 22 cm.
  • The chain should have a breadth of at least 2 mm

Share these safety measures with friends, acquaintances, family and other places where you leave your child, such as kindergarten, preschool and babysitters.
All of our pacifier clips meet the safety criteria.

To conclude

We advise you to not leave your child alone with the products of Babyzus, but always under supervision of a parent or caretaker. The products are handmade, made of small beads that can cause suffocation. Naturally, products are extensively tested before sending. Babyzus is not liable for accidents that could happen by using our products. Therefore check the product before and after use on detachable parts, deterioration and scratches (in the wood).

Babyzus is not liable for accidents caused by the use of our products. As a parent/caretaker your child’s safety is your own responsibility. Never leave your baby alone with our products. Use of the products is entirely at your own risk.

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